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Taxes For Travel Agents

Tax Preparation, Tax Planning and Financial Education

Andy Roed

Tax Professional, Financial Coach, Traveller

If you are reading this, I am guessing you are a lot like my wife. She loves to travel, loves booking travel for her clients and loves being a travel agent. However, she doesn't enjoy the accounting, record keeping and taxes that go with it. I have taken on that role for her so she can focus on travel.

I chose  helping travel agents with taxes and finance my career and I love what I do. My goal is to have a relationship with my clients. I don't want to be a tax preparer that's working behind the scenes. I spend just as much time educating travel agents on all things related to taxes and finance as I do actually preparing tax returns. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed or just simply don't want to deal with taxes, schedule a discovery call and let's see if it's the start of a long professional relationship. 

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 Focus More on Travel and Less on Taxes

Does this sound like you?
"Should I be an sole proprietor, LLC or S Corp? What's the difference anyway?"
"How much should I set aside for taxes?"
"Is this deductible? I want to maximize my deduction but do so legally"
"Estimated taxes, Self employment taxes.....what's that"
"It's tax season AND wave season, I need professional tax help!"
Sound familiar? We can help. 

The Process is Quick and Easy

Discovery Call


Fill out the below form then schedule a 15-30 minute call where we discuss your tax and financial situation as well as your future goals. I can answer any questions you may have and we can plan the next steps. 

Tax Preparation

Filling Out Tax Form

We will provide you secure links to upload all of your tax documents from your phone or computer. We will swiftly and accurately prepare your tax return. Once complete, the draft return is sent to you for review and payment.

File & Planning

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Once you submit payment, we file your taxes for you. Everything completed while you kept up with your travel business! Now we can discuss how to plan for the next year based on your personal financial goals.  

  • What is the Process?
    For you, the process is about as simple as it gets. As a new client, I will send you an engagement letter outlining the services we will provide for you. Once I receive that document I will provide you with an intake form. This form gives me most of the information I need to get to know you. Once I review that form, we may have a short phone call or virtual call to go over any questions either of us may have. I will then provide you with a secure portal specific to you. You can upload any and all tax documents you receive by scanning them in or using the app. After that, you are basically done! I will start working on your return and provide it to you for review and signature once complete. All done from the comfort of your home!
  • How do I send you my documents?
    The easiest and most secure method is through our secure portal. Once you are a client, I will provide you with an individual link to your portal. Documents cal be uploaded to the portal by drag and drop, scanning or our integrated app.
  • Can I do my own Taxes?
    Can people book their own travel? They most definitely can just as you can do your own taxes. The benefits of using a travel agent are very similar to those of using a tax professional. Sometimes, it's best to focus on the things that you're passionate about and have the energy and expertise to ensure it's done correctly. You focus on travel, I focus on taxes. Let's work together to keep you growing your business and providing top notch service to your clients while I provide top notch service to you.
  • Why should I use Taxes for Travel Agents?
    We pride ourselves in no hidden fees and providing clear and transparent pricing. Once we know your exact situation we can provide accurate pricing before beginning any work. Enrolled Agents: As an IRS enrolled agent, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your taxes are done right the first time. ​Tailored Tax Guidance: We understand that every travel agents tax situation is unique. This is why only take on a limited number of clients to allow us the time and effort necessary to give you the personalized approach you deserve. ​Simplified Tax Process: Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible. Everything from submitting your documents, signing paperwork and payment is done 100% online from the comfort of your home quickly, easily and securely. ​Transparent Pricing: There are no hidden costs, only crystal-clear, flat fee pricing. You’re always in the know about what you’re paying for.
  • What do you need from me?
    Generally speaking, the most useful documents to have available are: Copy of prior year’s return (if available) Record of wages, compensation, or tips (likely a W-2, P60, P45, etc.) Record of interest and/or dividends Record of purchase and sale of stock and/or other securities Record of sales and purchases of real estate and/or any property Record of any mortgage interest Record of distribution from pensions, annuities, profit sharing, an IRA, or other retirement accounts Record of any Social Security benefits paid to you Record of any additional income
  • How much are your services?
    We offer a flat rate of $487 for federal income tax return and one state return (additional state returns $85 each). This fee includes all the common schedules and forms required for your federal tax return. If your travel agency is a sole proprietor or a single member LLC that is taxed as a disregarded entity, you may not need to file a separate small business US tax return. Instead, your income can be reported as self–employment income on Schedule C, which is then included as part of your individual Federal Tax Return. If your business is a separate legal entity such as a Partnership, Corporation, or S Corporation, you may need a small business tax return. These services start at $685 and are in addition to the personal federal income tax return. Not sure which you need? Just ask!

Professional Tax Preparation For Flat Rate Of $487*
*(See FAQ for details)

Work with me

Currenlty not accepting new clients for 2023 Tax Year. 

If Interested please join the waitlist and I will reach out if availability opens up.

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