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I Help Working Professionals Get Their Personal Finances In Order
Does this sound like you?

You make good money, but you don't know where it all goes
You feel overwhelmed when it comes to money, taxes, and financial planning

You aren't saving as much money as you would like to be saving
You dream of quitting your job, pursuing your passion or retiring early

I can't promise that it will be easy or fast...But I CAN promise it will be worth it

How the Process Works

Step 1
Wade In

Let's make sure we are a good fit and that I can acutally help you in this journey. This is a complimentary 20 minute call where we can learn a little about each other, where you struggle and what your goals are. From there, I can walk you through my process and what the next steps will be.

Step 2
Deep Dive

All of my coaching services begin with a two hour Deep Dive. This is where we dive into your personal finance situation and start formulating a plan to put you on a path toward your future goals. During this session, we will review your income, expenses, debt, savings and future goals. Prior to this meeting there will be some documents for you to collect and homework to complete for me so we can make the most of our session.

Step 3
Just keep
Beach Vacation

Sometimes, you just have to keep swimming. For some, the Deep is all they need. They implement that plan and never look back. For others, the accountability of ongoing coaching and check-in meetings is what is necessary or requested to keep them on track.  This usually consists of 4 monthly meetings to evaluate your progress and make any necessary changes as life and goals change around us. 

Are you ready?

If you are serious about making change and ready to take control of your financial future now, I am ready to help.

Schedule your free 20  minute introductory call below. 

The Most Common Questions

What do I need for our Introductory Call?

All of my meetings are done on a virtual call (usually Zoom). For the introductory call, all you need is the ability to access zoom, a quiet space and 20-30 minutes of uniterrupted time to talk. If you are married or have a partner whom you share finances with, they should also attend.

What Services do you provide during the Deep Dive?

We go over what is most beneficial for you now and in you future. While we may not be able to cover everything in the discovery session, we will touch on a lot including: review of your current financial situation, current spending, current savings, future goals, budgeting, investment education, money behavior and mindset.  

How much will this cost?

I believe in being transparent with my pricing. The introductory call where you "Dip Your Toes" in the water is always free. I want you to be comfortable with me and I want to make sure I can acutally help you. In some instances I may refer you to other professionals. The "Deep Dive" is where the work happens and is at our base rate of  $387. Many times that is all you will need, but sometimes I may recommend, or you may request ongoing coaching. We can discuss those rates during our check-up call, following the Deep Dive depending on your personal needs.

Will this actually help me?

Yes or No. The answer depends on you. Most of my clients are very successful because they are ready for change and dedicate the time and effort needed to make their dreams a reality. I don't have a quick fix or a get rich quick solution for you because they don't exist or work. What I do have is a proven way to make slow, steady and incremental progress towards your individual goals. You will never know if you don't try. Schedule an introductory call and let me answer any questions you might have.

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